Anse-La-Raye (St Lucia) Association UK 1992
The Anse-La-Raye (St. Lucia) Association UK (A.L.R.A) was formed on 1st November 1992. It is a charitable organisation set up to raise funds to help in the development of Anse-La-Raye.

Canaries St Lucia (UK) Association
The Canaries (St. Lucia) UK Association was formed on 19th October 1994, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Debbie to the village of Canaries and surrounding areas.

Dennery (Saint Lucia) Association UK
The Dennery (Saint Lucia) Association UK was formed in 1999 by a small group of people originally from Dennery, resident in the UK.

St Lucia Association of London 1963
The Association comprises of a number of individuals who have an affinity to St Lucia with an interest in its development and a furtherance of its people.