About Us

Unity, was established as a direct result of groups sharing a common purpose, coming together to achieve greater unity and simultaneously raising funds for charitable and needy causes in St. Lucia. At a time when St. Lucia is facing a number of challenges e.g. restructuring in the banana industry – the backbone of our economy for over 40 years; diversification into other crops and industries such as offshore businesses and telecommunications, and withstanding the increasing globalisation and competition, it is important that Unity contribute and play a part in assisting our country face those major challenges.

Unity is a voluntary and non-profit making constituted association. The affiliated groups agree between themselves how the Association is governed.

Our mission is to forge strong, active and relevant links between St. Lucians and other nationalities and to create a strong community spirit based on trust and support through which our community can be both inspired and also realise its full potential.

This website will be used as our communication tool to our members and fellow St. Lucians, both in the UK and abroad, who possess a similar vision and endeavour to contribute to St. Lucia in a positive and effective way. We encourage you send feedback and suggestions on how we can utilise this online forum to assist us in achieving our goals.

Visit often as we will be updating our site frequently. You can also click here to send this page to a friend. Feel free to contact us at info@stluciansuk.com and thank you for visiting.